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July 15, 2017

Pale Pastel Blue

Pale blue is best when it contains the gentlest hint of green, recalling a shade that was intensely popular in the 1950s. Think washed out tones and Miami pastels: almost, but not quite, at the turquoise to aqua end of the pastel pale blue spectrum. The difference is that the pastel element keeps the colour soft, almost dusty, and the touch of green is what hints at Miami, rather than the Costa del Sol. And despite the connotations of such ice-cream colours being a bit weak, this is a supporting hue that will add a serious dose of subtle sophistication to any scheme. Perfect with equally powdery pastel pinks.

Pale blue: @michelleogundehin Instagram moodboard

Pale blue: @michelleogundehin Instagram moodboard. Check feed for credits

1 Think of it as the ultimate hostess of colours Pastel pale blue can effortlessly pull together seemingly disparate colours. In the 50s these would have been as varied as mustard yellows to bruise purples; today perhaps more terracottas and lemons. A gentle wash over a wall here, a velvet-upholstered footstool there, and a pastel-toned rug underfoot, and suddenly it all comes together.

2 Or the mellowest of backdrops. Perhaps because it is a combination of many colours in itself, it has the ability to ground many a scheme, and in bedrooms is particularly good as a restful counterpoint to mix and mis-matching elsewhere.

3 But lovely on it’s own too For something like bedlinen, you could tip almost to the celadon end of what we can reasonably still call pastel pale blue. Some might refer to this as Duck Egg blue. One thing to keep in mind though, if you go all cool blue on a bed set, don’t then be tempted to carry it onto your walls; there can definitely be too much of a good thing with this shade in smaller rooms!

Corbusier colours moodboard via @michelleogundehin Instagram

Corbusier colours moodboard via @michelleogundehin Instagram. Check feed for credits

Three pale blue paints’n’products I love…

  1. ‘Ice V’ from The Paint and Paper Library, the quintessential pastel pale blue.
  2. Fired Earth’s enigmatically-titled, ‘A Dip in the Lake’
  3. Washed Cotton Percale bedlinen set in duck egg blue from the Secret Linen Store.


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