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January 21, 2017


Why teal blue should be colour of the year 2017... OK, so I’m putting this out there straight away, one of my 2017 New Year resolutions is to post a weekly “Trend Bulletin” on something that’s caught my eye, piqued my interest or struck a chord (I’m aiming for one every Thursday/Friday!). Why? Because I believe that aesthetic change is often representative of wider societal shifts, but it happens step by step, and I find it fascinating to join the dots, and thus chart the journey.

It’s much like making resolutions really, it starts with the single grandiose statement, but the fulfilment occurs little by little. After all, the only way to actually effect any sort of change, personally or publicly, is quite simply to take the first step. So here we go, plotting the path, as I perceive it, of the changing world around us, but using the medium of the home, interior decoration and design as the visual expression of my thoughts, ideas and conclusions.

Teal @michelleogundehin Instagram moodboard

Teal @michelleogundehin Instagram moodboard

Therefore, my inaugural post is on why I think a dark teal blue, specifically British Standard “Rail Blue” (BS381 114) should be the colour of 2017. As an inky blue green, this is a hue that connotes both depth and warmth; solace and calm mixed with authority, if you will. If you used this on a wall, it’d be a real statement because it’s a colour to be drawn towards, even enveloped by, and yet it lacks any shouty sense of ‘look-at-me’ pretence. It is solid, elegant, yet strong. In short, it embodies the qualities and characteristics we need to see this year from those in positions of power, our supposed leaders.

British Standard Rail Blue. Reference BS381 114.

British Standard Rail Blue. Reference BS381 114.

So frankly, God help us! But then again, perhaps if we as individuals were to surround ourselves in “Rail Blue’ we would be sufficiently empowered to see what we could change for ourselves? That said, in some ways, a heightened sense of people power got us to where we currently stand, as we’ve seen populist choices dictate recent political shifts worldwide. But, now, we desperately need to throw a heightened sense of consideration of consequence into the mix, rather than pure reaction. This is no time for balderdash or bluffing; this is a time for integrity, and ethical ambition. And the blue colour family has always represented measured cool combined with power, reflecting as it does both sea and sky. Any hue of blue connotes trust, loyalty, wisdom and intelligence, so perhaps the darker the shade, the more of these it has? Pass the paint brush! After all, I think true revolution always begins at home.



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