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January 12, 2018

Dream Buy: The ‘Bell’ table

100 Dream buys: number 1 This series covers things that are somewhat more pricey than my 100 home must-haves, however, these are the pieces that I consider to be real objects of desire; things I have personally loved forever and a day. Some I own, most I dream of owning, but all I believe will be lifetime keepers and future classics.

As such, I first saw Sebastian Herkner‘s exquisite Bell Table, designed for ClassiCon, at its Milan Furniture Fair debut in 2012. Having attended many a fair for longer than I care to mention, trust me, it’s a rare and treasured moment when you spot something that seems genuinely new and exciting. It thrilled me then, and still does today.

Dream Buy: Sebastian Herkner's Bell table for ClassiCon

Dream Buy: Sebastian Herkner’s Bell table for ClassiCon

Why do I love it so much? It’s kind of an upside down table with it’s seemingly heavy metallic top floating above a  glass base. It inverts your perceptions as we think of glass as something delicate and fragile. The fact that the glass is so beautifully sculpted and coloured like boiled sweets, adds a preciousness to them. And when the sunlight hits… delicious.

What colours does it come in? At launch, ClassiCon offered four options for the base — Amethyst Violet, a punchy Emerald Green, Quartz Grey and Topaz Yellow. And the tops were turned brass with a black glass infill.

Sebastian Herkner's Bell table

Sebastian Herkner’s Bell table

Sounds delicious, any others… Well yes, five years on, the latest iteration is a version with an Amber glass base, plus there’s a Burnished Black Steel option for the top, and either Black marble and white Carrara marble instead of glass for the infill. And, there’s even been a special edition with a copper trimmed top! Just when you think a product is definitively beautiful, it goes one better, the true sign of an iconic piece.

Dream Buy: Sebastian Herkner's Bell table for ClassiCon in Amber, with black marble top.

Dream Buy: Sebastian Herkner’s Bell table for ClassiCon in Amber, with black glass top.

Sebastian Herkner Bell table

Sebastian Herkner Bell table

Dream Buy: Sebastian Herkner's 'Bell' table with marble tops, also shows the Burnished Black steel top.

Dream Buy: Sebastian Herkner’s ‘Bell’ table with marble tops, also shows the Burnished Black steel top.

OK, some practicals, how big is it? It comes in two heights, a low wide coffee table version with a 75cm diameter by 36cm high; and a taller, smaller side table option which has a 50cm diameter and is 53cm high.

Sounds expensive… Well, it’s a hand-made table manufactured to very exacting standards, so yes, it’s not inexpensive and there’ll generally be a 8-10 week lead time for delivery from ordering too. Starts from £1,798 at AramStore. So, if you put away just a fiver a day for 11 months, it’s yours!

Watch how it’s made here…

Anything else I could buy? Well, in 2013, Sebastian launched the ‘Bell’ lights that play with a similar mix of materials. Each in this family of pendant lamps has a choice of sockets and shades in grey, brass, glass, textile or copper and the pieces are simply screwed together. The various materials, textures and colours of lamp and shade can thus be mixed and matched to create very different moods, and ambiences. And priced from £466, they could be an equally glamorous, slightly more affordable, addition to your home. Also available from AramStore.


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