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March 2, 2021

Interior Design Masters: Episode 5

Beach Huts: lesson 8

Five designers left, and five seafront beach huts in Walton on the Naze in Essex on the North Sea coast of England (wet and very windy at the time of visiting). Each with very specific decorative briefs as set by the owners. Requested styles for interpretation varied from Club Tropicana and Fifties American Retro to The Hamptons Revisited, Ice Cream Sundae and Home from Home.

Interior Design Masters Episode 5: Walton on Naze, home of no ordinary beach huts!

As they’ll be working alone, for some this will be a reprieve from having to collaborate with anyone else, for others, it’ll be a shock to be running  the show alone for only the second time in the competition (first was in Show homes). Either way, this is an opportunity to have some fun. It’s a small space with limitations on how much ‘rebuilding’ can or needs to be done. Instead this is a moment to revel in the many possibilities of decoration. Not to be too clever-clever for the sake of it.

Bottom line, a beach hut is for holidaying and relaxation. A home away from home, and a compact little world for escapism. It needs to focus on being pretty (or striking, or magical, or any other adjective you care to insert), but also super durable and practical — this is the English seaside after all, not the Mediterranean.

Look what I found! Interior Design Masters Episode 5

Series Host Alan Carr briefing the designers: Interior Design Masters Episode 5

Paul and Siobhan encouraging each other to go bold or go home! Interior Design Masters S2

Charlotte paints furniture black to lend it some sophistication

Club Tropicana graphics by Siobhan: Interior Design Masters Episode 5

Lesson Eight: You’ve got to enjoy it to do it well

This is probably the most important lesson of all. Life is simply too short to spend vast chunks of it labouring at something you don’t enjoy. For sure being a designer can be extraordinarily challenging, but if you get a thrill from dreaming up new spaces and solutions, then you ride the curve balls and difficulties with a degree of acceptance. They become a small part of a much bigger joy. As Marc Anthony was reputed to have said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

However, interior design can be particularly taxing. Especially at the beginning of a career. It digs deep into so many aspects of our characters, which can feel somewhat conflicting as it pushes and pulls you in many different directions at once. To possess a creative sensibility I think already puts you in a more ‘sensitive’ camp than many others — in terms of a heightened awareness of all things around. And then interior design is more than just ‘creativity’. It’s project management, people management, logistics and a lot of work that has to happen in your head just in order to get started! This is why some succeed and others do not.

An interior designer has to constantly strive to get the absolute best out of themselves, but also be able to let go and admit when something does not work. They need to be diplomatic and persuasive, yet also firm and authorative in order to get everything done at the speed, and to the standard, required. It’s a lot. And at this stage, our IDM designers are finally starting to understand the depth and breadth of what the profession really entails.

I’m working my VB jeans, no idea who these other two are 😉

Lynsey tiling her beach hut, herself! And they’re straight and everything. #respect Interior Design Masters S2

Guest Judge Sophie Robinson: Interior Design Masters Episode 5

The Guest Judge

Sophie Robinson is rightly known as the Queen of Colour and how to use it well. She is a high-energy, fully-loaded on the pigment type of gal, with the enthusiasm and chutztpah to back it up. #banthebeige is her hashtag and only the sort of brights you’d find in a child’s paint box are what light her personal fire. Nevertheless, she’s keenly aware that this is not a look for everyone, and her quest is to encourage everyone to discover the colours that really work for them personally, and she’s devised several brilliant online courses to help them do just that. You can find all the details on her website.

Her nugget of advice to anyone starting out in design? “Colour is one of the most powerful tools in an interior designers kit. It has the ability to ignite emotions, switch up the mood, and when budget is tight, it’s fabulous at distracting the eye! But so many people are afraid of it. So as a designer, make it your mission to bring forth the transformational joy of colour!”

Sophie Robinson

Head Judge Michelle Ogundehin and guest judge Sophie Robinson check out the beach huts, in a gale!

Alan chats to Micaela about her Home from Home style hut. Interior Design Masters S2

Interior Design Masters Episode 5: briefing the five remaining designers

Wardrobe notes

Briefing: yellow silk Alice + Olivia top and Alice + Olivia denim jumpsuit (both bought in the sale at The Outnet); Cork wedge sandals

Viewing: Rains olive green wind’n’waterproof raincoat; dark brown Uniglo padded jacket (I was super cold!); navy MaxMara wool jumper; Paige jeans and dark brown (ancient) Prada boots. Dressed for the anticipated rain storms.

Judging: Alice + Olivia turquoise silk shirt; navy Philip Lim jacket; Victoria Beckham flared jeans; turquoise metallic Prada peep toe heels.

Interior Design Masters Episode 5: Quick! Take a picture before the designers come in!

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  1. I do watch the programme, as there is so little on TV which is about design, but I do have reservations. I am a trained textile designer, having worked freelance and as an art school tutor, my husband is also a designer. We often squirm when watching (sorry!) as the contestants seem to think they can do anything, without experience (or listerning), just because they are “creative”. Oh, how that word is misunderstood, not a matter of fancying pink today, but of pairing that sensibility you talk of with sound critical ability to fulfill a remit whilst applying basic knowledge skills – space, line, texture and so on. We recognise the programme has to be entertaining, but it is appalling how far most contestants are from being professional, without even knowing what they don’t know!

    • But I think that’s the whole point of the programme! In other words to make it quite clear that interior design is about so much more than just having ‘a way’ with paint charts and cushions, and that just because you can do up your own home, doesn;t mean you could do someone else’s. It’s also why I’m following up with these blog posts, to kind of (hopefully) drive that message home.

  2. Yes, of course you are right, it is the whole point; I am in total agreement, but perhaps did not put it very well!? By the way, love your book, have given copies to various friends and family as gifts too. Love that its not just a coffee table book, but has tons of really great advice, which I think is quite rare. A friend who is a interior designer recommended it, she swears by it.

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