Letter: Happy New Year

If you bought our January 2014 issue then you’ll know that we’ve already kicked off this year, ELLE Decoration’s 25th, with a wonderful romp through our archive of timeless style. And thus we set out our stall, the intention being, throughout the new year ahead, to champion a different aspect of what ELLE Decoration stands for every month: those key pillars of excellence that have made the magazine what you hold in your hands today. So, this month, we’re celebrating the spirit of exploration with an ELLE Decoration Travel Report. Why travel? Because I believe that as ELLE Decoration readers, you want to know where to get the ELLE Decoration lifestyle beyond your front door. But you also need reasons to journey from your sanctuaries: where to go and also learn new skills, when are the best times to experience iconic global festivities, and how you can rediscover the romance of travel. So that’s what we’ve put together for you. Plus, as an extra anniversary special bonus, we’ve also compiled our top 25 essential (and luxurious) travel items, the ELLE Decoration trip kit, and one lucky reader can win the lot! Turn the page to find out more.

But reports and goodies aside, as the British edition of ELLE Decoration, we’ve always maintained a global perspective, from sourcing great design to publishing the world’s most beautiful homes; I think it’s inherent in our cultural DNA to be curious, and open-minded. Albeit oft repeated cliché suggests the British character tends more towards insularity and a net curtain-twitching sense of nosiness! Maybe this is also true, but more importantly, we’re a nation of mavericks and entrepreneurs, bonkers inventors and visionaries, dry humorists and brilliant wordsmiths. As George Bernard Shaw once wrote, ‘Some look at things that are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?’ I love this philosophy. To me it is inherently British. It implies we are each bound only by our imaginations, and so with one life to lead, why not see how far you can go? Dare to dream, picture the reality you want for yourself this year and go for it. And if it involves a trip of a lifetime, then we have some marvellous suggestions for you in our Travel Report.


First published as my Editor’s Letter in the February 2014 edition of ELLE Decoration UK

ELLE Decoration Subscriber cover February 2014

ELLE Decoration Subscriber cover February 2014