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March 28, 2013

Letter: 90 Days to change my life

So I did go and see the spiritualist in the end (see last month’s letter) and I’ve set myself a goal of 90 days to change my life. Let me explain. It’s not so much that she told me specific things to do, it’s that I’m fascinated by spiritualists, shamans, psychics and the like: although I sometimes wonder if any sense of resolution after a visit is simply a placebo effect. Do we actualise a predicted reality because someone told us it was going to happen, or was it going to happen anyway? What if we don’t want that something to happen? Now that we ‘know’, won’t that change things? Are we not the authors of our own scripts? Perhaps it’s simply that we hear an idea and think yes, I like the sound of that, so off we go, led on a new path, our eyes opened to previously unimagined possibilities. Or can some people just see the future? After all, I’m sure most of us don’t know how electricity works either, but we don’t question that.

But, but, but… aren’t we told repeatedly that the future doesn’t exist, just the present, right-now moment, thus any ‘future’ can only be a product of the choices made up until the precise minute you contemplate it? Change your mind, change your destiny! And what of imagination? I could dream up whole realms of fantastical possibility for when (note, not if) I win the Lottery. But it doesn’t heighten my chances of actually winning, does it?

Yet, many a self-help book speaks of visualising an outcome you desire as an aide to making it happen. Only once you can really see something in your mind’s eye can it begin to take shape in the real world, they say. But what of the other way round? Ever the pragmatist, as well as a dreamer, I firmly believe that changing the physical, tangible world around you – your home, and even work environment – can have a significant effect on your health and wellbeing. In other words, while it may not make you richer, thinner or attract the perfect mate, getting your home right will make you happier and healthier (which will probably sort the other stuff out too). Home should make you feel recharged and rejuvenated, restoring you to the highest version of the person you are meant to be. And I intend to write a nice, straightforward book about how to do this, with lots of lovely photos in it. I think I’ll call it How to Change Your Life in 90 Days: A Guide to Creating Homes of Real Value. Funny thing is, that’s precisely what the spiritualist said I’d do.


First published in the March 2013 edition of ELLE Decoration UK

ELLE Decoration cover March 2013

ELLE Decoration cover March 2013


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