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October 4, 2018

Soft Scandi Style

Grey may have fallen out of favour as the fashionable colour du jour for interiors, but there’s nothing throwaway about House of Grey. The interior design/styling studio founded by Louisa Grey in 2013.

Why do I like it?

Its work is the epitome of timeless style. Specifically a look I’ve described previously as a sort of Soft Scandi. It therefore shows an inkling of what the Next Big Thing in interiors might look like.

Why? Because, the current preoccupation with the overtly brights and boisterous pattern of Happy Design is mere reaction to our precarious political state. It will pass. In its place will come a new texture heavy look. Big on comfort. Big on warmth. Back to a more traditional palette of skintone-inspired neutrals. But complemented by blues and every shade of green. In short, a look I love!

So this display, set up as part of the London Design Festival 2018, took over an elegant North London townhouse, and showcases the work of emerging local and international designers, artists and makers (listed at end of post). Curated with an emphasis on handcrafted and natural materials, the result is warm, elegant and calm. In other words, a very cool (as in restrained) Soft Scandi style!

All images ©Louisa Grey/House of Grey

Dining at Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

The authenticity of wood. Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

It’s all about surfaces.Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

Elegant simplicity. Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

Tactility is everything. Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

Alignment is key. Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

Details. Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

Sometimes the best things are the simplest. Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

Rugs. Art for the floor. Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey

Flow. Grey House/Louisa Grey/House of Grey


This project features work by the following artisans. Mass Productions. Products from Frama and Henry Wilson. Artwork by Tycjan Knut. Ceramics by Natascha Madeiski. Curtains by Nest Design. Furniture by Noorstad, Mass Productions and Edward Collinson. Textiles by Stitch by Stitch. Rugs from London House Rugs. Clothing by Roomi Apparel at Mahala and House of Grey. Botanical displays by the Urban Flower Company.

All pieces are available to purchase directly via House of Grey.

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  1. Really enjoyed this post, thanks. What lovely pics. This was an event at LDF that I wanted to see, but ran out of time, so the review was terrifically useful!

  2. So proud that out textiles were part of this! I agree, you can’t beat neutrals and natural materials – they’re the perfect backdrop to a busy life! And you can liven them up with spots of pattern and strong colour.

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