Talking interiors at Soho Home

Delighted to announce that I’m curating a trio of talks for Soho House in celebration of its first Soho Home pop-up shop/event space above Barber & Parlour in Shoreditch (see pictures below talk details!). What will we be talking about? Well, I figured I’d have to come up with a series of interiors/home/design-related topics that I’d actually turn up for, so herewith, number two… And I’ll add details of the last talk as soon as it’s finalised…

Talking interiors at Soho Home

Talking interiors at Soho Home’s pop-up venue in Shoreditch

Talk 2 How to create an influential instagram feed or an award-winning blog

Mural on Ebor Street for Soho Home

Mural designed by illustrator Natalia Vico to celebrate the launch of the new Soho Home pop-up shop/events space in East London

Talk: For design and interiors, the digital interface is where it’s all happening. Interiors blogs today are beautiful, informative, and full of wit and wisdom. And bloggers frequently get the scoops, break the news and can publish before anyone else. But, what makes an award-winning blog, or an influential Instagram feed? How do you build, and keep, an audience to make blogging financially-rewarding? And what’s with all the fashion influencers moving in on the interiors scene! Michelle Ogundehin talks tips and traffic with multi award-winning bloggers, writers and journalists Kate Watson-Smyth, Alex Stedman and Claudia Baillie.

Date: Thursday 8th November, 7-8pm at Soho Home, Top Floor, Barber & Parlour, 64-66 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP.

Tickets: £10 each via Soho Home  This talk is now sold out.

Soho Home

Talking interiors at Soho Home: from left to right, moi, Kate Watson-Smyth; Alex Stedman and Claudia Baillie

Kate Watson-Smyth (@mad_about_the_house), author, writer and journalist, has been sharing her knowledge and expertise about property, interiors and design for over 20 years. She writes the multi award-winning blog ‘Mad About The House’ described as “a veritable sourcebook for the modern home” detailing not only the complete renovation of her own home, but also showing you how to decorate your own with interesting and unusual items. Plus, she hosts, with colour queen and TV presenter Sophie Robinson, a brand new interiors podcast, The Great Indoors, which went straight into the Design charts Top Ten the week it was launched.

Alex Stedman (@thefrugality) is a freelance fashion journalist who, having worked for magazines for over 10 years — Conde Nast Traveller, Red, Eve, Stylist and Marie-Claire — founded her blog ‘The Frugality’, this year named Best Interior Lifestyle blog of the Year at the Amara Interior Blog Awards. Her blog, in her own words, is “not about living off toast every night. I still want to look stylish everyday, I’m just sensible with money where I can be in order to afford the luxuries.” In other words, as her Instagram bio puts it, she wears her clothes more than once and spends all her money on her house.

Claudia Baillie (@claudiabaillie), graduated in fashion and believes she came to design relatively late. But today as an interiors editor/journalist, she has years of experience in magazine editorial, with roles at Livingetc, Homes & Gardens, Sunday Times Style and ELLE Decoration under her belt. Now freelance, she writes for a broad range of publications, as well as undertaking art direction, styling and consultancy work.


Talk 1 How to Build a Homes Brand

How to Build a Homes Brand: Talk at Soho Home

Talk: Today, everyone seems to be getting in on the interiors act. Fashion houses are launching home collections left right and centre, department stores have their own lines and even established home brands are searching ever wider in the hunt for innovative collaborations. But what is it that enables some brands to really own a look and become an adjective, while others fall by the wayside? And if you’re a budding designer/retailer/stylist, how can you get a little of this action for yourself?

Talkees: I spoke to Soho Home Design Director Linda Boronkay, and tastemaker extraordinaire, Abigail Ahern, to find out.

Soho Home

In conversation with Linda Boronkay, Design Director for Soho House and Abigail Ahern, tastemaker extraordinaire, discussing How to Build a Homes Brand.

Abigail Ahern‘s trendsetting designs have become synonymous with glamour, eclecticism and wit. Her first foray into product design in 2008 resulted in the hugely popular animal lamps range. These quirky ceramic lamps quickly reached iconic status, having been snapped up by celebrity clientele, television set designers and hospitality. Successful product collaborations followed with British brands Craig & Rose, and Debenhams, where the Abigail Ahern/Edition range of home accessories frequently tops their bestselling list. In 2015, the Abigail Ahern own-label collection was launched. With over 100 pieces, it’s a definitive statement of Abigail’s style encompassing furniture, lighting, accessories, textiles, art, sculpture, faux flowers and plants.

Linda Boronkay was appointed Design Director for the Soho House group in 2016, and her title now is UK, Europe & Asia Design Director reflecting both the incredible growth of the brand and her remit. Where did it all start? She won a Best Emerging Interior Designer award while she was still at university, then went on to work for some of the world’s top design firms including Tom Dixon, Martin Brudnizki, Woods Bagot in Australia and Tara Bernerd & Partners, and has completed projects across four continents and 10 countries. And there’s no doubt that under her direction the ‘Soho Home look’ is very much an adjective today.

Date: Tuesday 16th October, 6.45pm at Soho Home, Top Floor, Barber & Parlour, 64-66 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP.

This talk has now closed. However, there’s a precis of the evening on the Soho Home website, here


The Soho Home pop-up…

Top Floor above Barber & Parlour, 64-66 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DP.

Soho Home

The Soho Home pop-up in Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street above Barber & Parlour.

Soho Home

The Soho Home pop-up in Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street above Barber & Parlour.

Soho Home

The Soho Home pop-up in Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street above Barber & Parlour.


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