Delving deeper than decor to explore the power of home as a path to wellbeing #happyinside

Happy Inside: the book

Happy Inside: How to Harness the Power of Home for Health and Happiness is the essential handbook for anyone who wants to feel happier, healthier and more empowered. Why? Because environment is as fundamental to wellbeing as good food and exercise. Take charge of your space, take charge of your life!

“Prozac Schmozac! Wise, witty and wonderful, Michelle Ogundehin’s brilliant book is the only anti-depressant you’ll ever need. It’s my new bible.” Potter and designer Jonathan Adler

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“Michelle’s book, Happy Inside, resonates with the way I have always thought of the idea of Home – she is connecting the dots of comfort, wellness, calm, rejuvenation, self-care and warm hospitality, showing that physical personal space has a spiritual relationship to ourselves. That’s an essential message for our current times.” Donna Karan
“A happy home is a fundamental building block of happiness, and Michelle’s book is an essential, step-by-step guide to creating a home we love.” Arianna Huffington

Michelle lives and breathes her philosophy. She is passionate about the power of your surroundings to enhance your wellbeing. Her home is her ultimate test bed, and she enjoys good health, great sleep and abundant energy as a result of practising what she preaches. And now she wants to share her knowledge and insights with as many people as possible, empowering them to create environments in which to thrive.

And in the face of globally rising rates of chronic illness and mental health issues (even before Covid-19), the creation of a supportive and restorative home has never been more important.

Michelle’s approach is accessible, achievable and affordable. She believes that armed with the right information people can achieve much more than they think, no matter how much money they have or whether their space is large or small, owned or rented.

#happyinside Book cover

Happy Inside: How to Harness the Power of Home for Health and Happiness by Michelle Ogundehin. Published 30 april 2020.

But if you think Happy Inside is a book just about up-beat ‘happy’ decor, then think again. It is so much more than that! Instead, Happy Inside uses the framework of the home as a lens through which to explore a holistic view of how to live well.

Alongside a zone by zone breakdown of how to tackle every room in the home, Happy Inside delves into the food you eat, the importance of play, why a dining table is your most important piece of furniture, the benefits of good sleep and how to regularly attain it.

“I love this book. Strong, clever, intelligent advice with soul.” Mary Portas
“Such a brilliant and joyful book.” Skye macalpine

Written by Michelle Ogundehin, the woman The Sunday Times calls an “interiors guru”, it’s set to become a one-stop lifestyle bible — absolutely required reading in our ‘Age of Anxiety’. In fact, this book will help your home to become your most powerful ally, your personal superpower in an increasingly uncertain world.

Happy Inside is a book to make you reconsider the power of home, viewing it as a vital piece in your armoury. Your secret weapon to combat the stress and worries of contemporary life. It can be your place of calm and rest, mindfulness and fortification. A refuge in which to recharge and reboot. As Michelle puts it, “I don’t care how you fold your socks, but I do care how you feel.”

Mixing the knowledge gained from 20 years of editing interiors magazines and Michelle’s early training as an architect, Happy Inside shares practical information alongside personal insights from her practice of meditation and mindfulness, expertise in colour psychology, love of Japanese culture and study of Buddhist philosophy.

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”A book for creating a wellness sanctuary at home.” Sunday times style
“Happy Inside brilliantly teaches how to elevate your soul through accessible steps and wise practices to insure ‘there’s no place like home’.” HALSTON Fashion director, couture vintage retailer, TV presenter, Cameron Silver

Available from Waterstones,  Penguin, Amazon, A Great Read or via Hive.

Or in the US from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, IPG Books or Bookshop.Org (Released 1 October 2020)

“Practical guidance on making the most of what we have in order to find inner calm and outer contentment.” Elle decoration
“This is the ideal guide to creating a beautiful home that brings lasting happiness and peace.” GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

Welcome to the home health revolution!

“A wonderful look at how to transform our homes to be more mindfully aligned with our true nature and a reflection of who we are.” Fearne Cotton
“A must-have read for anyone looking to improve not just their home but also their quality of life within it.” Matthew Williamson

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Book design: Alex Hunting
Illustrations: Nicola Rew
Photography: Emma Harris

Imprint: Ebury Press
Published: 30 April 2020
ISBN: 9781529105551
Length: 304  Pages
RRP: £18.99

Order a copy from Waterstones,  Penguin, Amazon, A Great Read or via Hive.

Or in the US from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, IPG Books or Bookshop.Org (Released 1 October 2020)

Writer, Author, Brand Consultant & TV Presenter

Michelle Ogundehin is internationally renowned as an authority on interiors, trends and style. She is an influencer with expertise and the multi award-winning former Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decoration UK.